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California state, County or city employee?

Our firm was established in 1971 specializing in public employee medical disability retirement. We have successfully represented thousands of public employees in their medical disability retirement claims or disputes.

fighting for the rights of disabled public employees

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Have you been told you no longer have a job after leaving work to recover from an injury or a illness?  The legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone – we're here to help find the answers and create the solutions you need. Don't let yourself get buried in details. Contact us instead.

While our offices are in Southern California, and we serve hundreds of clients there, we also serve clients throughout the state because the two pension systems involved are statewide systems.  We cover the entire range of services for the public employee with a medical disability retirement claim. We handle the applications, administrative hearings, superior court proceedings, and appellate court review. 

Our firm has participated in numerous Supreme Court and Court of Appeal cases that have helped to shape the field of California Labor Law. Read More..

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       The Disability Retirement Lawyers for public employees at Faunce, Singer & Oatman have represented hundreds of various public employees of the course of the firm's forty-five year history including police, firefighters deputy sheriffs, correctional officers, probation officers, bus operators, court reporters, clerks, maintenance workers, psychiatric technicians, administrative assistants and many other government workers in the State of California.

        Disability or medical retirement benefits are paid to public employees who have suffered either a medical or psychiatric injury that results in disability from their County, City or State job. If the disability is work related it may result in enhanced benefits for particular employees depending on whether the employee is a safety CalPERS member or County Retirement Act member. If an employee is a County Retirement Act employee or CalPERS safety officer, such as a firefighter, deputy sheriff, police officer, psychiatric technician, parole officer or correctional and work caused the disability, tax savings may be available over regular retirement benefits.

        We find that public employees often pursue their disability / medical retirement benefits on their own for a wide variety of reasons, one of which is they are told they do not require representation. What they do not know is that all retirement agencies are represented by attorneys and their adjustors are trained both by its legal staff and senior personnel. The retirement system's staff have access to their lawyers by simply walking to their offices or making a phone call. They spend considerable time training their employees and their system is is not designed to proptect the applicants seeking their benefits. Incomplete or incorrectly filled out physician statements, incomplete medical documentation, or incomprehension of the application procedures are just a few reasons that result in public employees being denied their benefits or having their applications cancelled. Public employees are also not told that once granted they now face re-evaluation to prove up their continued qualification for disability retirement until they reach regular retirement age. The doctors hired are not "independent" and are repeatedly used by the agency in the evaluation of there members. They are usually known as insurance defense doctors.

        Our firm has handled hundreds of cases at every stage of the process. It is in your best interest to begin your application process with representation to avoid pitfalls and to ensure you recover retroactive benefits that you may not be aware you are entitled to recover. No law firm can guarantee success but we can state that our firm has been at the forefront of this area of the law for over forty five years and has been involved in more that forty cases that have gone to the appellate courts and several to the California Supreme Court.

       Real experience matters when you are seeking one of your most valuable assets. We don't handle workers' compensation cases. Our efforts here at Faunce, Singer & Oatman are devoted solely to disability retirement rights. We have successfully handled cases from the application process to the California Supreme Court. We travel if need be representing members of almost all retirement systems such as Orange County Employees Retirement System (OCERS), San Bernardino County Employees Retirement System (SBCERA), Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA), San Diego County Employees Retirement Association (SDCERA), Fresno County Employees Retirement System, California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS), Alameda County Employees Retirement Association (ACERA) and Tulare County Employees Retirement System, to name just a few.

       Police and Firefighters are members of CalPERS but will have to contend with their Cities when pursuing disability retirement because it is the local agency that makes the determination. It is very important those cases are pursued carefully with an understanding of when it may be appropriate to seek certain court actions versus just applying for the benefit.