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Faunce, Singer & Oatman Representation for California Public Employee Retirement System Employees

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Faunce, Singer & Oatman

If you have developed a disability - job related or not - which prevents you from returning to your civil service job, you need an experienced CalPERS attorney to protect your rights.

Our firm represents all state employees whose disability benefits are covered under the California Public Employees' Retirement System, including not only CalPERS public safety sworn personnel, but non-safety "miscellaneous" workers as well. Our practice is devoted to ALL CalPERS employees statewide, who encounter difficulty with disability retirement claims.

Many employees we represent are being forced to take early retirement because a disability prevents them from returning to the same job.

Many of our clients would like to return to work, but find their employers unwilling to make reasonable accommodations. Other clients make the choice to retire after consulting their physician, but encounter resistance from the state or local agency they work for.

We represent all non-sworn public employees, including clerical workers, administrators, laborers, non-teaching school staff, engineers, and members of the University of California Employees' Retirement System. We can assist clients in most employee groups including the judges' employee retirement system. Many of our clients are clerks who have developed a repetitive stress injury on the job, but we assist ALL CalPERS employees whether or not their disability is service related (industrial disability).

The retirement system benefit for non-safety (non-sworn) employees covered by CalPERS may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime and the decision of when and how to file for disability retirement is critical to protect your rights. You need to be represented by a competent CalPERS disability retirement lawyer. Put your trust in our experienced professionals that specialize in public employee disability pension cases. 


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