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Faunce, Singer & Oatman Offers Representation for CalPERS Sworn Employees

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We represent all public safety workers covered by CalPERS, including police officers and other peace officers and sworn law enforcement personnel; firefighters and other sworn rescue workers; prison guards and other swon correction officers. A California CalPERS attorney can protect your rights and preserve one of your largest assets if you have become disabled and cannot return to the same job you had.

It is important to involve an attorney early in the process if you are considering retiring on your doctor's recommendation, or if your employer is forcing you to retire. The success rate for appealing a denied claim is much lower than for initial claims that are properly prepared and carefully presented to CalPERS.

The outcome of your claim also depends on whether you are employed by a state agency, or by a city or local agency. A state board determines state employees' cases, while decisions on retirement disability for city and local employeesare made by the local agency and results can vary greatly. Our firm is familiar with hundreds of public agencies throughout California.

Your CalPERS disability pension benefits are typically worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, perhaps a million dollars or more, over a lifetime. Call us today to assert your rights and protect your pension.

Let an experienced Calpers attorney protect your rights

Whether or not the disability is service related, many city, county or state public safety workers encounter opposition when filing for disability retirement benefits under the California CalPERS law.

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