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County employees covered by CERL are eligible for disability retirement benefits after 5 years of service if the disability is not work-related, and are automatically eligible for a retirement pension if the disability was service related (such as a specific injury or a repetitive stress injury).

These service related benefits are equal to 50 percent of your income, tax free, for life, and pass on to a surviving souse if you die. Don't take chances with an asset that may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Contact a disability retirement lawyer who will stand up to your employer, guide you through the benfits application process and, if necessary, appeal your case to higher courts.

Benefit information for employees covered by c.e.r.l.

Contact  Faunce, Singer & Oatman for a free consultation. We will discuss the merits of your case and give you an honest assessment. We can also represent most clients on a contingency fee basis.

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California County Employees' retirement associations covered by c.e.r.l.

Disability retirement Attorneys Assisting California County workers covered by c.e.r.l.

is the ONLY firm in California that focuses specifically and solely on the rights of public employees in disability retirement issues.

Have you been told you no longer have a job after leaving work to recover from an injury or an illness? Do you feel you are being forced into early retirement?

Surprisingly, employers are often unwilling to make accommodations for recovery from a disability. Instead, they urge you or force the employee into early retirement. In many cases, employees who choose to file for disability retirement benefits meet with resistance from their employer. The narrow focus of our firm allows us to provide aggressive and confident representation of all public workers covered by the two statewide retirement systems, including CalPERS (California Public Employee Retirement System) and CERL, (1937 County Employees Retirement Law) This includes employees of the Orange County Transit Authority as well. We represent employees who work in both sworn positions,(sheriffs deputies, firefighters and other public safety personnel) and non-sworn positions,(clerical, construction, maintenance, administration, etc.) in all of the following 20 California counties covered under CERL. 

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