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California Medical Disability Retirement Lawyers

   In 1971 Faunce, Singer & Oatman began representing a public employees statewide (CalPERS and County Employees Retirement System Members) Since then our law firm has been devoted to representing employees that have been who have medical disabilities in California who are seeking accommodation or are forced into disability retirement because of injury or illness. We represent city, county, and state employees in throughout California. The majority of our clients work in San Diego County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Orange County, but our track record of successful representation, combined with a history of precedent setting Supreme Court decisions that have shaped the law to better protect public employees in California, often results in public employees choosing representation by Faunce, Singer & Oatman from all corners of the state.

   At Faunce, Singer, & Oatman, our practice is devoted to Medical Disability Retirement in California  under these two state-wide retirement laws: the 1937 County Employees' Retirement Law (CERL) and the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS). We represent all county employees of the 20 counties covered by CERL, sworn employees (CalPERS safety workers) and “miscellaneous” or non-sworn CalPERS employees throughout the state of California.

  Over the years in our practice as Medical Disability Retirement attorneys, we have discovered that very few employees understand their rights and disability retirement program. Perhaps even more amazing, very few employers grasp the significance of obligations to those with disabilities or the disability retirement programs that they have adopted for their employees.

   Most employees believe that their employer will do whatever is right and their staffs will "take care of them" when they have a problem. Many employees are shocked when they discover the extent of the adversarial techniques and procedures employed by their employer (and the pension systems) to deny accommodation or offer fair and lawful treatment.

   The Medical Disability Retirement Lawyers of Faunce, Singer, & Oatman have extensive experience in California Medical Disability Retirement law, plus a record of success in assisting employees who cannot return to the same job or need accommodation. We assist California Employees in seeking some form of remedy for such situations, including compensation, job restoration, accommodation, applying for benefits and appealing on their behalf if their Medical Disability Retirement claim is denied.

   If you are a public employee, you should know that your retirement disability pension benefits may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime, perhaps more than a million dollars. You need a law firm who is focused and experienced in this area of the law to protect your rights and preserve what may be one of your largest assets.

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